Vampire Diaries: An Eternity of Mistery.

Work: Vampire Diaries 8×04: “An Eternity of Mistery”.
Studio: Collaboration with Cyclopsfx.
Dir: Julie Plec & Kevin williamson.
Role: Sr. compositing artist.
Tv Series

One of the more interesting shots I’ve had my hands on lately belongs to the episode 4 from the 8 season of the famous tv series “Vampire Diaries”.The shot appears right before the titles, definitely being the main VFX related shot of the episode. From a technical point of view, everything you see in it is CG except for the characters at the beginning. The sea is fully simulated and all the island related elements are either CG or matte-paint elements. Finally, some stock footage is used for the mist around the island at the end of the shot.