Work: Aldi TV Spot “Frische, Qualität und Bio”.
Studio: Lugundtrug – Berlin.
Dir: -.
Role: Sr. Nuke Compositing Artist.

It´s always nice to comp CG stadiums, you know, those nice lens-flares, foto-flashes, crowd simulations and all the fuss. The idea for this Aldi spot was to present two regular Aldi shop assistant getting magically in the middle of a football match, on a very very rainy day. The plates were shot with practical rain on set so as to restore as much as possible from it in comp. Obviously, this made the whole keying process way more challenging, although this helped us to have the nice rain to character interactions we would not have had with stock footage. On top of that, we added some more rain layers in different depths, taking close look at real-world examples. Overall, a very intense compositing work that took a nice deal of artistry to make it look right.