Work: Christmas Lotery 2012.
Studio: Entropy studio.
Dir: Tony Milanés.
Role: Nuke & After Effects Compositing Artist.
Tv commercial

During my days working at Entropy studio, among feature films and tv-series I did a great deal of commercials.
For each christmas in Spain, the lotery advertisment happens to be a much expected event, as it´s normally the most important piece in terms of production scale. This one is pretty much a commercial superproduction in which there is no shot without CGI. VFX wise, the majority of the work was completed by the outstanding VFX studio Miopia along with the work done by Entropy studio for the sea shots. I personally contributed to the full CGI one that shows the fishing boat kind of struggling against the waves by adding the finals touches and tweakings as well as the lens flares and lens simulation effects. As an anecdote, if you pay close atention to what the pen is writing in the dream´s book, you´ll se my full name there ;).Cheers!