Work: Ants Know Best.
Role: Original idea & director. Modeling, shading, compositing.
Personal project


Texture, material, color, pattern, shape. Indeed, when it comes to judging the latest sneaker trend, ants have the best perspective from where to judge and elaborate. I ´m kidding, they don´t know a goddam thing, but it does sound funny, does not it? This idea, as you may have figured out, is the leitmotif for this fake commercial campaign I created for Nike as if Nike were actually my client. More specifically, for the stunning Nike Air Huarache ®. That´s pretty much all folks, I hope ants like it!




Technically speaking, for the accomplishment of these couple of shots we´ve deployed some cutting edge techniques as to how we created the models of the New Balance 970 ® & Nike Air Huarache ®, as well as the tree stump you can see in the background of the 1st shot. Our modeling team first worked out a set of raw photography that was then used for both building up and texture the models through photogrametry. Specifically, around 150 photos were used for each model,  achieving a level of detail that would have taken quite long modeling, sculpting & texturing hours to accomplish. The rest of the work was done both in Maya and Houdini, regarding animation, crowd simulation, dynamics and shading. Rendering was done in Arnold and compositing within NukeX.